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Successful Usability Evaluation of the In-Room CT Workflow on the ProBeam® System at Holland Particle Therapy Centre

Recently, the workflow for the in-room CT solution on the ProBeam system was subjected to user evaluations by multiple users at Holland Particle Therapy Centre (HollandPTC).

Varian’s in-room CT solution on the ProBeam system will complement our current imaging offerings for the gantry and fixed beam rooms.

Nienke Hoffmans-Holtzer, medical physicist at HollandPTC, highlighted the need for rapid soft tissue imaging, not only for position verification, but also for adaptive treatment planning. “We will start our research on online and offline adaptive treatment planning by analyzing treatment sessions retrospectively to understand how the dose would have changed with adaptive planning,” said Nienke Hoffmans-Holtzer (sitting behind the computer in the photograph above).

Joel Rumley, product manager and user experience designer of the Varian Particle Therapy Division, stated that the participants offered very positive feedback on the effectiveness and the quality of the implemented workflow.  Furthermore, the clinical team at HollandPTC has openly embraced the usability evaluation experience as a means not only to learn about our system but more importantly to impart their clinical experiences and needs to the development team, who are steadfast and diligently working on the in-room CT workflow on the ProBeam system to be released in late 2017.

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